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Why Home Care?

We know the importance of an active body and mind.

Most of us would like to live independently within the comfort of our own home for as long as possible.

About home care

In-home care allows individuals to facilitate this aspiration by providing flexible assistance and support to suit your needs. Home care services may include:

Personal care including assistance with:

Housekeeping duties:

Social Support:

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Glenavon Care | Specialist Care In Essex | Dementia Care

Dementia care at home

A diagnosis of dementia can be a harrowing time. Our specialist service ensures that compassion is of equal importance to the physical care provided.

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Benefits of in-home care

In-home care provides flexible support, ranging from 1 to 24 hours per day, allowing individuals to retain their independence in an environment where they feel comfortable and secure.

In-home care is often more cost effective compared to other forms of healthcare and unlike care institutions, in- home care is completely personalised and delivered on a one-to-one basis ensuring the highest levels of support.

There are also considerable health benefits to at-home care. Unlike most forms of health care, home care often reduces stress levels. There is also considerable evidence to suggest that those cared for at home heal much quicker than those institutionalised in hospital or nursing homes.

Live-In Care Trial

Choosing between full-time care services can be a daunting task. Even if you think residential care may the solution for you, we would suggest trialing our in-home care for a month. The benefits of our trial service are:

  • No commitment necessary
  • Easy to arrange
  • Cost effective
  • Enables you to make an informed judgement
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